One Solution to the Nursing Crisis- Help LPN's Become RN's

One Solution to the Nursing Crisis- Help LPN's Become RN's

By Sara Ellis, RN, BSN

The drastic shortage of nurses for the next decade is well documented. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that an additional 450,000 Registered Nurses (RNs) will be needed to fill the present demand through 2008. By the end of the decade, 1.7 million nurses will be needed, while less than 635,000 will be available.

What to do to solve this supply and demand problem is the $1,000,000 question for the healthcare industry. How can the industry retain and replace an aging national nursing force and attract younger students to a profession that is self- fulfilling but physically and mentally demanding?

The first step might be to educate prospective nurses about the great personal satisfaction and the many different types of career paths available and attainable to a nursing professional. Nursing is a respected profession, offering many career choices. RNs not only offer expert care and attention, but they also manage people, information, budgets and technology in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, government and private practices.

One tool to retain current nurses and make the profession more attractive to prospective nurses is to offer more "job perks". Many other industries offered special perks when they faced similar staffing shortages. The one benefit that seems to have a great impact on employee retention and new employee hiring is the offering of educational benefits, including tuition reimbursement to veteran and new employees. By offering educational programs, companies are able to retain their employees, promote from within, lower recruitment and training costs and increase worker productivity. However, most nurses are unable to attend traditional college degree programs and take advantage of these educational benefits because they have limited free time due to working on rotating schedules and numerous hours of overtime.

The College Network has eliminated this no-time problem for nurses with its online LPN-to-RN Degree programs. The online LPN To BSN Degree program now makes it possible for LPN's to earn their Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing entirely online. There has never been a better time for nurses to move forward in their strive for new dreams... to achieve outstanding personal growth and satisfaction!

A whole new array of fully accredited degree-completion programs are available for nurses through dozens of nationally renowned universities and The College Network. No Classes to Attend! Nurses can complete virtually 100% of the course work in the comfort of their own home!

The online LPN-to-BSN program features online "classrooms" that are designed using the very latest technology to give students the "digital tools" they need to enhance their educational experience. These tools include on-demand video streamed lectures that allow students to view the lectures as many times as they need; an asynchronous online bulletin board that permits students and faculty to interact on key topics and chat rooms that are used by instructors to host "virtual" office hours where students can collaborate real-time with faculty members.

The College Network's online nursing degree programs give nursing professionals the opportunity to continue their careers while they pursue higher education- working at their own pace without disrupting their busy schedules and family commitments. Students set their own hours and attend class in the comfort of their home or work, whenever it is convenient for them. No classroom attendance is required

The College Network works with major nursing schools nationwide to bring students the very best fully accredited programs that best fit each nurse's specific needs. Online health care degree options include LPN to RN, LPN to BSN, Diploma RN to BSN, RN to BSN, Master Degree Programs, and Health Care Administration.

Over 85,000 adult learners who have chosen The College Network to provide solutions to their educational needs and to help advance their education at their convenience, without compromising their careers or family commitments. The College Network offers nurses

1. Online degrees through prestigious accredited universities
2. No Classroom Attendance Required
3. Academic Success is Guaranteed for the TCN portion
4. Low Cost With Guaranteed Financing
5. Learn at Your Place and Your Pace

The College Network's mission is to make quality education as accessible and affordable as possible for working adults.

Build your education around your lifestyle...
not your lifestyle around your education.

To learn more about getting an online LPN to BSN Degree, or RN to BSN Degree visit The College Network.

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