Study Tips For Online Nursing Students

Study Tips For Online Nursing Students

Registering for online college courses is the first step toward achieving the success and the degree that you have always dreamed of. The next step is to make sure that you complete and pass those courses. No student wants to waste time on a class only to fail it and have to spend the time and the money to take it over again, not to mention the delay in graduation. There are numerous things that the student can do to ensure they are able to achieve passing grades.

Get Organized

One of the most important study aids for the online student, which is often overlooked, is organization. When a student is taking multiple courses online concurrently it is easy to miss assignment deadlines and lose valuable points toward a final grade. The student should have a folder for each class that they are attending. Most online courses have an assignment schedule that can be printed out. Keep a copy of the course syllabus and the assignment schedule in the front of the folder for each course. At the beginning of each week check the schedule and determine what assignments are due for the week. Schedule enough time to make sure you can complete all assignments due for each course. Make sure to mark the date completed and submitted on your assignment schedule. This will help the student to make sure that all studying and assignments are completed in a timely manner.

Finally, purchase a daily planner. At the beginning of the semester go through each course and place any important dates, such as due dates and exam dates, in the calendar. Make sure to add information and dates as they become known. Look at your calendar daily to insure you do not miss any important dates or deadlines.

How to Remember What You Learn

Now that you know how to organize your assignments, the next step is finding ways to help you remember and recall the information you have learned. One of the oldest study aids is still the best. Index cards are a very valuable "must have" for any college student. They are perhaps the most efficient and effective way to learn terminology, physiology, anatomy, or any other information that is new to the student. Keep blank index cards next to you at all times when you are studying. Any time you come across information that you think may be important or difficult to remember, write it on an index card. Place a question or term on the front of the card and the answer or definition on the back. Because index cards are very portable it is easy to find time to review the information and commit it to memory. Keep them with you at all times and use them whenever you have a minute. You can review them when you are in line at the grocery store, stopped at a red light, waiting at the doctor's office, on your lunch break, and even during commercials on television. You will quickly learn the information and will see the difference in your grades.

A simple way to keep track of important information in your text is with "flags." These are small sticky colored tabs that are easily removable from paper and are available at nearly all department and/or office supply stores. As you come across information in your text that is too much to put on an index card, place a flag on the page so that it sticks out the side of the book. You can easily locate the information later without wasting time flipping through the chapter to find it. You can also write a key word on the flag so that you can easily locate the information you are seeking if you have multiple flags that you have placed in your text. This helps make studying for exams a lot faster and easier and keeps textbooks in better condition for resale as well.

Keep Reference Tools Handy

Another study aid for the online student is to keep a pocket dictionary close at hand, or use the online encyclopedias, thesaurus, and dictionaries available for you on this site. There are often times that a student will come across a term that they are not familiar with. When you come across a term that you don't understand look it up and make sure that you comprehend the meaning of the text you are reading. Students pursuing an online nursing degree will find that that Taber's Medical Dictionary For PDA is a valuable resource. Another helpful resource online nursing students should have around is the most up to date Nursing Drug Handbook.

Once you're enrolled in an online nursing degree program be sure to make use of the Thomson Micromedex free PDA-based clinical tools available for healthcare students. These free tools for your PDA access to clinical information on drugs, interactions, toxicity, lab tests, clinical calculators, diagnostic tools, news, and more.

Internet Search is the Online Student's Best Friend

There are numerous search engines that are available online to aid the student in locating information. Thirty years ago a student would have to spend countless hours in a library to accomplish the research required of college students to maintain adequate grades. Modern technology and the birth of the Internet have changed the way we study. There are thousands of resources online that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Simply select an search engine from our internet search engine page and type in the information you are looking for. Just make sure that you are not plagiarizing anyone else's work. Use the information you locate to provide yourself with the knowledge and information to complete the work yourself. Many online colleges now have ways to determine if information has been taken directly from online sources. This is not an ethical practice and could lead to expulsion from your online degree program if you are caught. Internet search is a priceless study aid for busy students, use it wisely and it will quickly become your very best friend!

Using The Resources Your Online School Provides

Every online school provides a variety of resources through their virtual classrooms to help students study and conduct research effectively. Be sure to see what your online university has to offer and make use of whatever you find helpful. Most online schools also provide methods for students and faculty to interact together such as live chat and discussion forums. Students are encouraged to network with fellow students and you should take advantage of these interactive tools in order to get to know your virtual classmates. Students are generally allowed and encouraged to post questions to fellow students or faculty members on these discussion forums as well as to offer helpful advise and share useful resources with each other. Learn what interactive tools your online university offers and use them vigorously.

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