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Biology Study Tips and Resources

Biology is the study of life, individual organisms, their communities, and the systems, cells, and processes that make up living matter. Biology is an essential course for students interested in pursuing a health care career. Luckily it's an extremely interesting course, but it may prove to be challenging at times as well. We want to help! Guiding you towards accredited online nursing degree programs is good, but helping you succeed in achieving your degree is even better! I have a personal stake in this after all. I'm a nurse and I want you to get your degree and get to work, so we've found some useful online biology resources that may help you pass and perhaps even help you get better grades.

Helpful Online Biology Resources

Below are some of the better resources that we have come across in our travels.

  • Biology Lab Strategies- Strategies for biology labs relate to finishing labs in a timely manner, following the directions correctly, and preparing for lab exams.

  • Biology Online- Offers a vast range of biology tutorials, biology dictionary, and a biology forum where you can post and find answers with ease.

  • Biology Glossary- A great way to look up biology terms, learn meanings, and study for tests.

  • Cell Biology Animation- Short cellular biology animations that are easy to understand and allow full navigation control. It's easier to remember things for class when you actually see it rather than just read about it!

  • Darley's Study Suggestions Introductory Biology Courses- A bit long but very worthwhile reading.

  • Evolution- BioInteractive lecture that discuss how Charles Darwin's ideas about evolution ignited a revolution in biology that continues to this day. Darwin's concept of a living world changing over time through natural selection has become biology's major unifying framework. Also available via On-demand webcast.

  • Mitosis World- Watch the Mitosis Movies at this site to learn about cell division the fun way.

  • Sample Biology Tests & Scoring Guidelines- Practice tests and answers that cover molecules and cells, heredity and evolution, as well as organisms and populations.

  • Scientific Prefixes and Suffixes- This handy list of prefixes and suffixes can be used to help students understand the meaning of scientific words and build their vocabulary.

  • Study Stack Biology Study Tools- Site lets you study virtual flashcards online, play interactive games to study the topic, and provides interactive study of everything from intro to Biology to practice chapter tests and finals. You can also export the data to your cellphone or PDA.

  • The Biology Binder- This site includes notes / study guides, interactive quizzes, online activities, printable labs / worksheets, and numerous science links relating to all biology topics.

  • The Biology Project- A fun, richly illustrated interactive online resource for learning biology developed at The University of Arizona. students will benefit from the real-life applications of biology.

  • The Virtual Cell- The Virtual Cell is an online Cell Biology textbook. It provides students with an interactive journey through the cell.

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