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Does Algebra give you headaches? Are you math phobic? Algebra made about as much sense to me as monkeys and flying tigers = zebras sometimes! Believe it or not you can survive and pass this course. I know because I managed to do it , and if I can anybody can. (Trust me on that!) To help you succeed in your online studies, we've scouted some great internet resources you can use to supplement your studies!

Selected Sites & Resources
Below you will find links to some of the better resources that we have come across in our travels.

  • Understanding Algebra- Read this first and bookmark it! If you are having difficulty with algebra, these pages may be of some help because they offer different sorts of explanations, in some sense more "psychologically complete", than are usually found in algebra texts.

  • Using a Scientific Calculator In Mathematics Exams- This is a short article with reminders and advice for anyone about to take a mathematics exam and who will need to use a scientific calculator.

  • Ask Dr Math- Ask Dr. Math is a free question and answer service for math help at all levels. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions

  • Algebra Online- A free service designed to allow students, parents, and educators throughout the world to communicate. This includes free private tutoring, live chat, and an algebra message board, among many other features

  • Algebra Help- The website features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, calculators that show you how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets to test your skills.

  • Algebra- Math for Morons Like Us- Everything from the basics of solving equations to exponents, and from graphing to word problems (which people seem to absolutely love) is covered.

  • Algebra Story and Word Problems- Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond.

  • Algebra Tutorial- Tutorials covering helpful information such as How to Succeed in a Math Class as well as College Algebra concepts with practice tests.

  • ASAP Tutor- A fee based tutoring service that offers Algebra homework help via e-mail, fax, live chat, and online tutoring.

  • Algebra Worksheets- Generates a new worksheet each time you open a page again. Covers a review of Algebra 1 through logarithms and conic sections.

  • Interactive Algebra- Do as many problems as you need to, at whatever pace you wish to go. The problems are generated at random. They're different every time. Every time you get to see the answer, and how to do the problem!

  • Practical Algebra Lessons- Practical algebra lessons that give practical tips, hints, and examples, and point out common mistakes

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