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Deciding to attend nursing school and choosing the right program are big decisions, but the work doesn't end there. Once you've selected a program, you'll need to apply for admission and financial aid, consider various career paths and make it through a demanding program. Our Nurse Resources section offers helpful tips and guidelines for each step of the process, from polishing your nursing school application to figuring out how to pay for school to helping you pass that big test.

Applying to nursing school

Admission to nursing school can be competitive, so you want to make sure your application really shines. The first step in applying to nursing school is to get application information from your program, confirm that you have fulfilled any prerequisite requirements and get critical due dates on your calendar. Once you've covered the basics, you're ready to polish your application.

Our "Applying to Nursing School" section offers tips on crafting your personal essay, insight into what admissions committees are looking for and advice on vetting prospective schools.

Finding financial aid for nursing school

In additional to federal loans and grants, nursing students can apply for a variety of scholarships specifically for nurses. Programs may be designed for nurses pursuing a specific specialty, nurses from a particular geographic area or ethnic background, or nurses at the graduate level.

You can get help navigating the financial aid maze, tips on writing a compelling scholarship essay and more information on scholarships for nursing students in our "Paying for School" section.

Getting through nursing courses

Once the work of applying to school and funding your education is complete, the real work begins: nursing classes and clinicals. Nursing school requires a range of skills, from learning how to write a term paper to being able to convert measurements from pounds to kilograms. Get tips on study skills, paper writing and more in our "Coursework Help" section.

Finding the right career path

Once you graduate from nursing school, it's time to think about the working world. You can learn more about various career paths for nurses in our Nurse Careers section. From niche specialities such as flight nursing to information on new trends in the health care field, you can explore the diverse world of nursing careers and find the path that fits your goals. Good luck!

Investigating your nursing career options takes time and discipline. Here, you’ll find articles and information about specific nursing careers and nursing school programs that can help you figure out your best next step. Below, find in-depth info on applying to nursing school, paying for nursing school, what it’s like to be a nurse, spotlights on nursing careers, and more.

Have questions about online nursing school programs? We’ve got that covered. Need help with your coursework like learning how to complete a term paper? We can help with that too. Browse the nursing resources below for more information.

Nurse Careers
resource-article_1 A nurse career can mean many things. Discover the various nursing career options and get information on if one might be a good fit for you.
Schools and Programs
resourse-article_2 Nursing schools and program information for potential nursing school students. Find info to help you pick a nursing degree program.
Being a Nurse
resourse-article_3 Being a nurse means having a lot of responsibility, but also rewards from your work. Learn what it's like to be a nurse and work in nurse careers.
Applying to School
resourse-article_4 Get prepared to apply to nursing school with application tips and more. Take the stress out of applying to nursing school by being prepared.
Distance and Online Learning
resourse-article_5 Distance and online learning can be completed for nursing careers. Find out how online nursing schools work, and how you can fit one into your life.
Coursework Help
resourse-article_6 Get coursework help for your nursing school classes with our student resources. Getting through nursing school doesn't have to be tough - get help!
Paying for School
resourse-article_7 Paying for school is never easy, but there are things that make it doable. Get information on financial aid and ways nursing students pay for school.
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