Cure Nursing Burnout with Advanced Education

A New Cure For Nursing Burnout

Nursing can, at times, be a very stressful, intense and hectic job. There are all types of things that affect the day-to-day stresses of a nurse; staffing shortages, hospital protocol, corporate rules and regulation, lack of self confidence, and that one nurse that has a higher level of training than you and makes your life miserable! You begin to hate going to work and feeling like you just go to work, do your job, and get your paycheck. You no longer enjoy the career that you wanted so badly to do. You become depressed. Depression leads to illness, fatigue, and low tolerance to stressful stimuli. Welcome to "Burn-Out".

What can be done to deal with nursing burn-out? Well, here are a few options. You can continue as you are and just keep bringing home the paycheck while you grin and bear it. You can leave nursing and give up the time and money that was spent to get your education (working in a factory is always pleasurable as I understand it). You can continually moan and groan to your superiors (I'm sure they will understand and fix everything that is bothering you). Or, you can further your education and be in a better position to make your work environment a healthy and happy one while increasing your own skills and self confidence.

Assuming that the first three ideas don't appeal to you, let's look a little closer at the fourth idea. How can you afford to quit working and go back to school? The answer is simple; you don't have to quit working to further your education. Many colleges now offer online programs for nurses. You can take your courses online, at your convenience, and you don't have to adjust your work schedule around your school schedule. Check out a few of the colleges that offer online nursing courses and choose the one that best fits your needs. By increasing your education you will begin to fall in love all over again with nursing. Your confidence will increase and you will begin to enjoy the benefits of seeing your new training being put to good use.

What are online nursing courses and how do they work? Online courses are very similar to courses in the classroom. At the beginning of a course you are given a syllabus that describes the course and the required assignments for that course. You access the course online and complete and submit your assignments online. The biggest difference between online courses and on-site courses is that you don't have to listen to an instructor lecture from a textbook that you have already read, and you don't have to spend several hours a day going to and from the college classes. The instructor and your classmates will be available online for any questions that might arise, and most instructors will provide a phone number so you can call them if you need a more in depth explanation.

But what if you don't make enough to pay for those courses. Many hospitals and health care facilities offer a tuition reimbursement plan that will cover the cost of your education. They will benefit from your education as much as you will. If that is not available, then talk to the financial aid office at the college of your choice and discuss Federal Aid, State Aid, Scholarships, Grants, and Student Loans. Finances are no longer a valid excuse for not pursing an education.

Nursing burn-out is only for those nurses who can't take their careers into their own hands and make more of themselves than what they are. If you're "burnt out" then do something about it, because no one else will. Renew your love of nursing and learn how to better assist your patients and yourself. You'll find that learning new abilities and renewing your self confidence by increasing your education will make you a happy and healthy nurse once again!

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